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Wholesome food the spice of life

Westhaven Cynthia Press Wholesome Fare 2 hi res_crop.jpg

14 October 2020

A love of food and country atmosphere are two things Cynthia Press shares with many of her fellow residents at Bolton Clarke’s Westhaven retirement village.

The community boasts a friendly atmosphere, one that self-confessed introvert and former army cook Cynthia is very grateful for.

“I feel very much at home here,” she says.

“When I first moved in, I did find it quite hard, being in a new place and having to sell some of my belongings because I was downsizing. But after a fortnight I’d met a few people and everyone made me feel so welcome.

“Now I don’t ever want to move again – I feel as if I belong.”

 One of the things that Cynthia says has made life easier for her in the village is the Bolton Clarke meal service, Wholesome Fare, of which she is a big fan.

“I don’t need to do any cooking at all when I have the meals,” she says. “Which is great because I have trouble with my hands and as much as I love cooking, I find it very tricky now.

“I can live well on the Wholesome Fare meals. They give me more nourishment than I think I would have if I cooked myself – and lots of variety! I’m not eating the same thing every day.”

Cynthia says her favourite meal is the Southern Baked Chicken, but that she likes them all, and she likes that there is less food waste.

“It saves me so much trouble. I don’t waste food and I don’t have to go out, and they’re reasonably priced too – much cheaper than shopping!”

Before moving to Westhaven, Cynthia lived in a different retirement village and says that she made the right move when she chose Bolton Clarke.

“I’m a bit of an introvert and a quiet country girl. I do like to keep my own company, I’m quite shy so I don’t always mix with others.

“I was welcomed so warmly when I moved in here. I’ve made a few new friends I normally play cards with.

“We all look after each other quite well, we aren’t in each other’s pockets but we’re always there for one another.”

Cynthia says the support from Retirement Village Manager Vanessa Nugent makes Westhaven a joyous place to be.

“Vanessa is always there for you. Nothing is too much trouble for her and that has never altered. She bends over backwards to help and she’s not judgmental. I cannot say enough good about her!

“It’s because of her and my neighbours that it feels like home.”

Having Westhaven’s residential aged care community on her doorstep also makes Cynthia feel very safe.

“There’s everything I could want or need here. If I do one day need to be in aged care, I’ll stay at Westhaven – I’ve settled down here and I don’t want to move again.”

Cynthia says she always recommends others to come to Westhaven too.

“I think it’s known to be a happy place. If anyone ever asks me, I always say, ‘by all means’ – come and join us!”