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Excellence in research into ageing

The Bolton Clarke Research Institute is our own research and innovation hub.

It has forged a national and international reputation  for high impact community health and aged care research.

By translating our research into policy and practice, we help improve services for our clients and the community, and enable more people to gain greater independence, quality of life and choice with regard to their healthcare.

Ultimately, our research aims to support our clients’ ability to lead fuller and more satisfying lives with support and sponsorship from Bolton Clarke At Home Support Services, Residential Aged Care and Retirement Living.

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About the Team

The Bolton Clarke Research Institute comprises a multi-disciplinary team of research fellows and officers, and is underpinned by a strong governance framework including an ethics committee.


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Conducting research with Bolton Clarke

Empowering older women through peer support

Bolton Clarke Research Institute is working to reduce social isolation and optimise wellbeing for older women living alone on the Mornington Peninsula through the Peer Support for Older Women to Promote Wellbeing and Independence (POWER) project. The project is funded by the Felton Bequest, managed by Equity Trustees. Working with local people, we have designed volunteer driver and exercise buddy programs to fill gaps in existing services and are trialling them to make sure they meet the needs of women in the area. If you live in the Rosebud area, are a woman over 55 and live by yourself or you are interested in volunteering and being part of this trial, you can express your interest here.

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