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Bolton Clarke Research Institute

Better Evidence: Better Health and Wellbeing

The Bolton Clarke Research Institute is our own research and innovation hub.

It has forged a national and international reputation for high impact community health and aged care research.

Our Research Institute identifies practical solutions to enable greater independence, quality of life and choice about healthcare options for our customers and the wider community.

Our four key principles place people at the centre of our approach:

  1. Person-centred: ensuring that all care respects and is tailored to the needs, values and preferences of the individual whether a client, resident, family member, carer or a member of the wider community
  2. Co-design: bringing together the experience of all stakeholders to identify opportunities for improvement and make changes to a service, program, product or system
  3. Translate research into practice: moving current research and evidence into routine care through knowledge translation and implementation
  4. National approach: our research program has a national focus across home care, retirement living and residential aged care

Ultimately, our research aims to support our clients' ability to lead fuller and more satisfying lives with support from Bolton Clarke at home support, residential aged care and retirement living services.

Our research priorities

Our research projects concentrate on four key areas that underpine healthy ageing.

Optimising health and wellbeing

  • Improving management of common chronic conditions
  • Identifying, developing and evaluating preventative activities to support people to stay as independent as possible

Combatting loneliness and isolation

  • Services and supports identifying, addressing and/or preventing loneliness and isolation in older people

Addressing post-traumatic mental health

  • Assisting people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse and their family and care providers

Evaluating the implementation of assistive technology

  • Co-designing the implementation and evaluation of technologies to maintain and improve function and independence

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About the Team

The Bolton Clarke Research Institute comprises a multi-disciplinary team of research fellows and officers, and is underpinned by a strong governance framework including an ethics committee.

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Our research publications and conference presentations

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More about research at Bolton Clarke

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Conducting research with Bolton Clarke
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