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Village atmosphere brings John and Linda home

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John and his wife Linda moved into Bolton Clarke’s Moreton Shores Retirement Village almost seven years ago. When they did, they were pleased to find the proper village atmosphere they were both used to.

Originally from a small town in Yorkshire, England, the pair immigrated to Australia almost half a century ago and made their home in Redlands.

When the time came to downsize, John said moving into the local Moreton Shores Retirement Village was an easy decision.

“It was a big change coming in here but we didn’t see the sense in downsizing and then eventually moving again,” he explained.

“We decided to just make the big leap in the first place!

“When we were looking, we kept wanting to come back to Moreton Shores. That’s when we knew the answer, we wanted to be here.”

For John and Linda, the best thing about Village life is feeling secure, and set up for the next stage of their lives.

“Now that we are here, we know that we’ll be alright for a long time. We’ve got all the services we’ll need for the future.”

John, who is on the committee in the village, loves how active and social people are.

“It’s a very friendly place and you tend to know everybody that lives here. In this village there’s so much going on and all sorts of activities for people to stay connected.”

“What I have found is that retirement is just the beginning of a whole new stage of your life - I don’t know how I ever found time to work!”

“We always make sure new people are looked after, it’s a very good community like that down here, we enjoy it.”