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Restorative Care

As a carer, your health and wellbeing is as important as the person you’re caring for. At Bolton Clarke, we provide short term respite care that allows you to take a break from your support role.

Respite care provides relief to you and the person you’re caring for by having a qualified Aide take over care duties temporarily. You can then spend some ‘me time’ to look after your own wellbeing and needs.

Respite allows carers time to:

  • take a break
  • take care of personal business
  • maintain relationships outside of their role as a care

You can rely on our specialised staff and contemporary facilities to boost wellbeing and recharge the spirit with full access to the residential activities and services important to you.


You may be able to access two types of respite from Bolton Clarke:

Centre-based respite

Enjoy group activities at one of our residential facilities for social interaction and mental stimulation.

In-home respite

Provides assistance or relief for the carer.

Respite services are available in emergencies on an ongoing, planned basis.

Recuperative and restorative care provide a space for recovery from surgery or a hospital stay, to help leave hospital as soon as possible.

To find out more about this service, and if you qualify for Government support, simply contact our contact centre on 1300 22 11 22 or contact us online.