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Creating the future of aged care


Our innovation and integration work tests and implements ideas ranging from virtual reality interventions in the at home support and residential service environments to collaborative social innovation projects promoting strong community networks. 

We are proud of the culture of innovation that drives our people to create positive change and underpins delivery of services from telehealth to dementia support.


One Good Street

One Good Street is an initiative that recognises the potential in each street to help solve loneliness and isolation for older people. It is an early concept being trialled in Melbourne using social media networking sites.

With successful trialling, the concept will continue to be co-designed with local neighbourhoods providing the opportunity for involvement from local communities, trade and industry partners in the future.

The idea is to continue to build a neighbourhood social networking site that allows people to offer their assistance and skills to older people and carers living in their local neighbourhood.                                        

One Good Street focuses on older residents and presents initiatives that reduce social isolation and loneliness. Members receive tailored content on issues facing seniors which raises the level of competency and confidence in residents.

One Good Street rewards residents through street accreditation. Once 10-15% of the neighbours are active and are participating in making a difference in the lives of older people, their street is accredited.

Several member-led initiatives have gained traction;

  • Ride to End Loneliness.
  • Warm winter knits.
  • Loneliness Hackathon.
  • Older Resident wish list.
Library of aged care things

The Library of Aged Care Things is part of Bolton Clarke’s One Good Street social networking initiative and is the first free library of its kind, focused solely on aged care equipment. The Library is an online platform that shares cleaned and safety-checked aged care equipment with people who need it and is fighting the war on waste and changing the life of Bolton Clarke At Home Support clients at the same time.

The Library of Aged Care Things commits to sharing equipment (walking frames, scooters, occupational therapy equipment) with those who need it - all free of charge. Once the equipment has been cleaned, serviced and tested,  it is matched to an older person who needs it. Volunteers deliver the equipment.

The aim of the Library is to reduce the cost of care for families when supporting their parents to remain at home for as long as possible, reduces landfill and upcycles equipment that older people need.  

The initiative supports older people in the community, carers and family members looking after older parents, particularly those who are financially disadvantaged. Items already donated include electric beds, mobility scooters and walkers as well as food supplements and personal care items. Residential service communities across the country can also donate goods to save them having to use much needed space in their sites to store unused items.

The One Good Street project aims to build a participation culture in neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for communities to support older people and their carers.

Design Innovation

Lifestyle changes and improvements in how we manage age-related health conditions such as dementia are driving innovation in infrastructure design across our organisation.

Integrated communities and home environments that can be adapted to meet changing needs are at the heart of ageing well and we are planning, designing and constructing with this in mind.

Our development work is focused on creating responsive environments that encourage family involvement and promote resident participation with features like flexible room configurations, outdoor living spaces, specialist gym facilities and communal kitchens.

Culinary Innovation

Bolton Clarke has been recognised for innovation in food services, putting dignity back in to dining in aged care. .

Our comprehensive food innovation program including advances in texture modified foods  and our collaboration with the Maggie Beer Foundation to create flavoursome and nutritious menus across our residential communities.

The Maggie Beer collaboration builds on our work with the Foundation through the Be Healthy and Active program. It includes a whole of organisation masterclass for food services leaders and residential managers as well as a Maggie Beer Feasting Day across Bolton Clarke’s 26 residential aged care communities.  Residents tested Maggie Beer menu items, and recipe cards were created and intorduced for retirement living residents.

Our ongoing roll-out of catering innovation supports better food experiences for all residents, especially those with different dietary requirements.

We are pleased to be able to restore the dignity of shared meals, build social interaction around food and ensure all our residents have access to fresh and nutritious meals with plenty of flavour.

Our texture modified food initiative is designed to restore confidence and choice to the 20% of our residents on modified diets.

We use fresh ingredients to create complete reconstructions of menu items including hot meals, salads, sandwiches and desserts. 

Further work is being completed on water filled jelly drops to ensure adequate hydration for those with dementia. 

Technology Innovation

Bolton Clarke has received further recognition for aged care innovation supporting better outcomes for older people, earning a finalist berth in three categories at Ageing Asia’s 7th APAC Eldercare Innovation Awards.

The awards honour organisations across the Asia Pacific using innovation to support health and wellbeing and shape the future of ageing across the region.

Winners in each of the 20 categories were announced in Singapore in May, 2019.

Bolton Clarke has been named a finalist in the Innovation of the Year – Dementia Solution, innovation of the Year – Product and Innovation of the Year – Social Engagement Program categories.

Bolton Clarke Galleon Gardens, Currumbin Waters is a finalist in the dementia solution category for its recently opened Melaleuca Wing, incorporating Stirling University international best practice dementia design principles including a state-of-the-art interactive digital wallpaper which is a world first in dementia care.

The wing also supports interaction and positive experiences with an outdoor living area with swings, a men’s shed and a retro caravan alng with a dynamic indoor environment including an open kitchen where residents can cook under supervision and enjoy social interactions.

The CaTPin, a wearable device targeting loneliness developed by Bolton Clarke in partnership with RMIT researchers, is a finalist in the Innovation of the Year – Product category.

Winner of the Telstra Designing for Ageing Well Challenge, the technology works by monitoring baseline conversations and word count throughout the day and then prompting social contact when levels drop too low.

One Good Street, which is a finalist in the Innovation of the Year – Social Engagement Program category, is an online social networking initiative that improves the lives of older people by strengthening their inclusion, partnering with care organisations to extend their reach within communities and creating connections with carers in the same neighbourhood through peer to peer support.

From starting an air conditioning club that helps older residents during extreme heat to creating casserole clubs that support nutrition and connection, One Good Street inspires and empowers neighbours to make a real difference in the lives of older people.

The emphasis is on an ecology of practical activities, which is unique when compared with many single initiatives working in isolation.



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