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Our Homeless Persons Program

Bolton Clarke's Melbourne-based Homeless Persons Program works with people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and are experiencing physical, mental and psychological health issues.

Our team provides a primary healthcare response to people on the streets, in parks, at food programs, in low cost hotels, boarding houses, caravan parks or living in crisis accommodation.

We offer professional nursing care and support and can help locate the organisations that can assist with housing and meals, or legal and financial aid.

Do you need help accessing services?

Contact the Homeless Person's Program
1300 22 11 22

She changed my life

In many ways our Homeless Persons Program takes us back to our roots where some of our earliest nurses looked after so many living in poverty on our city streets. "When I woke up from my third coma, I knew I had to make some changes in my life'" says Karl, who with the HPP's Linda Cropley has been able to turn his life around. Linda says "Karl is motivated to make good decisions and is driving his own recovery. Having independent housing allows him to control things like diet, exercise and his wellbeing."
Your donation can change a life like Karl's. Support our Homeless Person's Program by making a donation. Your gift can change one person's life.