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Europa on Alma resident David digs deep in new book

Dig Deep book launch

Europa on Alma resident David Bereson is excited to announce the launch of his new book, Dig Deep, published by Inside Lives.

Until his early 20s David Bereson says he powered through each day. But 40 years ago, a serious car accident upended his life and, in the years, since he’s learned to dig deep.

With joy, humour, bravery, curiosity and learning his stories journey to the centre of his acquired disability — what he found, who was missing, what he learned and what he gained through what he’d lost.

“I was blessed. All that I did turned out much as I desired,” he says.

“Over the years many people have said to me, ‘David, you should write your story.’ My instinctive response has been, ‘Why bother? I am nothing special’.”

“My book is rather simple – the perspectives of an educated man modified by his life experiences in all its dimensions.

“When writing I think of myself as an open window. I hope that readers find my stories contribute value to the way in which they confront the complexities of their own lives.”

In narrating his experiences, David introduces readers to a cast of accompanying characters — Tram Girl, The Gnome, The Angel of Odessa, Peter Pan, The Schnitz and the author himself, Uncle Croissant, a true “pizza”:

“I am a pizza this and a pizza that, like most people in this immigrant nation,” David says.


“While David truly speaks to ‘the human condition’ his writings are not bleak…he is undaunted, forever hopeful and frequently very funny.” Phillip Adams (Late Night Live, ABC Radio)

“In his remarkable collection of stories, David Bereson illuminates the power of relentless optimism in the face of life-altering health challenges. Every tale nudges you towards a life imbued with honour, integrity, and ceaseless optimism.” Victor Perton, The Centre for Optimism

“These rich tales draw you into the perspective of a unique mind — Australian, Jewish and the survivor of a car accident in which he sustained a significant brain injury. David's original character permeates his stories teaching us to dig deeper in our connections with our own and each other's inner voice.” Dr Kate Gould, Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health

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