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Sunny Coast retiree donates knitted items to aged care

Susan and Jo with donated blankets.jpg

Alexandra Headlands local Susan has taken her hobby of knitting around the world but is now putting her needles to good use for aged care residents.

The Tantula Rise Retirement Village resident is spending her spare time knitting with a purpose as part of the Knitting for Charity Peregian Beach group.

“We all just knit, crochet and donate our time making things because we want to do it,” Susan said.

“We make toys and baby clothes for Ronald McDonald House and other charities helping children, scarves and jumpers for groups helping the homeless across the Sunshine Coast, and we have just donated blankets and fiddle gloves to the Tantula Rise aged care home here.

“We have about 40 ladies who attend who are up to the age of 100 and some who can’t make it to meetings in person will send a family member down with items they have knitted.

“I have been involved for about five years now and I’ve probably made around 100 pieces.

“It is my first time handing out the items which is really special, usually I’m just behind the scenes knitting some of the items.”

Susan picked up the hobby of knitting from her grandmother but never had the opportunity to put her skills to use until moving to Sunshine Coast.

“My husband John was in the Air Force so every two years we were up and away again – our home here in the village is the 29th home that we have had.

“When you don’t stay long anywhere you don’t get too involved because you know it’s not going to be long term, so I am enjoying being part of a community.”

The items Susan presented to the Tantula Rise aged care residents on behalf of Knitting for Charity Group, Peregian Beach were items that would be used by residents.

“The 19 blankets are all perfect for those residents who may be in wheelchairs and sitting for most or all of their day to keep them warm and comfortable.

“The six sets of fiddle gloves are for those residents who have dementia and need something to do with their hands.

“There are buttons, textured wool and different things sewn into the gloves to keep their hands busy.”

The regular donations to charity made by Susan and her fellow needleworkers are helping locals from across the Sunshine Coast with much needed items made with love. The group meet twice a month, spending the morning working and chatting together with new needleworkers always welcome to the group.

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