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At Home Support

Providing everything from a little help to specialised care, our flexible At Home Support services cover home nursing, home assistance and allied health.

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Home Care Package calculator

Plan your Home Care Package by choosing the services that meet your needs and interests.

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Specialised services

From community education programs to research and digital innovation, we co-design services to support you to live your life, your way.

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Guidance on using the password reset tool

If you have previously used the tool or are comfortable with the process please follow this link to reset your password.

If you need a little assistance, please read on...

  • Click on the Password Reset Tool link.
    1. The screen will feature a Microsoft logo. Don't be concerned, it will be replaced by the Bolton Clarke logo once you have added your email address.
    2. Enter your corporate email address which will be one of the of following:
    3. Enter the unique characters that appear in the picture and click next.

Hint: If you are unsure as to which corporate email to use, simply use the Bolton Clarke email address format and it will work.

If you require a different type of password to be reset or if you receive an error message when trying to use the tool please reach out to the IS Service Desk for assistance.

Click on the Password Reset Tool link to get started.