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Children are the secret to longevity for Ellen, 105

Ellen's 100th birthday_1400x500.jpg

Mother’s Day is always a cause for celebration for 105-year-old Bolton Point local Ellen Power.

Known as her family’s ‘blessed matriarch’ – with 12 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren -Ellen says family is the most important thing to her, as it should be to everybody.

“Having lots of grandchildren and great children around keeps you very busy and active, if nothing else,” she laughs.

Through her years of wisdom and raising a family, Ellen has always looked out for everybody, ready to have a chat or offer a cuddle to anyone in need.

“I am lucky - to me, being able to watch my family and the children grow is the greatest gift. I love being in the company of my family, it’s always pleased me,” she says.

“I’m grateful that I am well enough, and I hope sensible enough to still be here, enjoying them in whatever they do in their lives!”

Ellen lived independently in her own home until a fall in July 2021, at 104 years of age, meant that she needed a little more help.

“Mum was always a very independent lady and we had hoped that she could stay in her home at Coal Point until the end of her days, but she did not regain her full mobility,” daughter Robyn says.

Robyn has been a resident at Bolton Clarke’s Macquarie View Retirement Village for the last 15 years, and when the time came to search for a residential aged care place for Ellen she knew the co-located aged care community would be the right choice.

In mid-2021, Ellen moved into Bolton Clarke’s Macquarie View residential aged care community.

“Here, I can open the curtains and sit in my room, and look out across a wide lawn, down to the lake that’s covered with trees - what more do I need?” Ellen says.

“It’s wonderful to be near my daughter without living on her doorstep. I can be close to her, without causing too many problems, I hope!”

Robyn agrees, saying that being right next door brings both of them comfort.

“The fact that she is so close to me means the world to all the family. Mum enjoys sitting on the outside verandah and I can see her from my home!” Robyn laughs.

“It’s such a big milestone to reach 105 years old and I feel very fortunate to have gotten this far,” Ellen says.

“I’ve always had the family within close distance to me and I think that has given me a lot of courage if I have needed it, to carry on with whatever I’m doing.”