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Providing everything from a little help to specialised care, our flexible Home and Community Support services cover home nursing, home assistance and allied health.

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Be Healthy and Active

Bolton Clarke’s Be Healthy and Active program provides free, practical sessions to help you get the most out of life.

Each one-hour session focuses on a different topic including nutrition, falls prevention, CPR and defibrillation, bladder health, skin health and positive ageing.

Click below to explore our Be Healthy and Active topics and to access useful resources, videos and fact sheets.


Be Healthy and Active information and resources

CPR and defibrillation basics
Learn the basics of resuscitation, as well as how to unpack, apply and follow the prompts of a defibrillator.

In an emergency, acting in the first few minutes could mean the difference between life and death. In our free ‘CPR & Defibrillation Basics’ community information session you will learn the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation including how to unpack, apply and follow the prompts of a defibrillator. No previous training is necessary. Participants will have the opportunity to try out their new CPR skills at the end of the session.

Helpful resources

Heart attack warning signs action plans in multiple languages

What is a cardiac arrest?

St John Ambulance Australia CPR Fact sheet


Falls prevention
One in three people aged over 65 will experience a fall in their lives. Join us for tips on how to prevent falls.

One third of people over the age of 65 fall at least once a year, and around half of these are in and around the home. In our FREE ‘Falls prevention’ community information session you will learn how to reduce the risk of falls and stay active and independent for longer.

All attendees will receive information to take home, including exercises to improve strength, mobility and balance.

Helpful resources

Home safety checklist Downloadable PDF

Have a plan in place Downloadable PDF

How to get up if you have a fall Downloadable PDF

Home exercises Downloadable PDF

Falls prevention tips and hints Downloadable PDF

Information on Medicines talking book

Medicines reminder card in multiple languages

Medicine list - a tool to help you manage your medicines

Safe exercise at home

Sitting exercises

First aid
Accidents can happen at any time. Join us to better understand some common first aid medical situations.

First aid training covers the steps taken to help an injured or sick person in the first minutes after an incident.

Bolton Clarke’s FREE First Aid community information session covers the latest information on everything from cuts and sprains, fractures and concussion to cardiac events, stroke, insect bites and more.

Understanding basic first aid will empower you to successfully apply first response treatment for common injuries which can help someone feel better, recover more quickly, and possibly save a life.

Helpful resources

Home First Aid Kit checklist Downloadable PDF

Home Safety Checklist Downloadable PDF

St John Ambulance Australia First Aid Fact sheets in multiple languages


Healthy bladder
Incontinence affects one in four Australian adults. Access simple tips, techniques and exercises on bladder control.

Healthy Bladder is a FREE community information session all about bladder health.

One in four Australian adults live with incontinence. It’s a common condition, so if it’s something that you face in your daily life, you’re not alone.

Bolton Clarke’s Healthy Bladder information session will teach you simple tips for improved bladder control and exercises to help reduce your risk of future bladder problems so you can enjoy life with no interruptions!

Helpful resources

Incontinence exercise zone from Tena

Incontinence prevention tips from Tena

Continence Foundation of Australia

This session is proudly supported by Tena.

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Healthy bowel
Learn practical tips for maintaining a healthy bowel, and where to go for additional support.

In Australia 20% of men and nearly 13% of women experience bowel incontinence. However, in many instances it can be prevented, better managed, or even cured.

This session will explain how the bowel functions and help you identify what’s normal and what’s not normal. Learn practical tips for maintaining a healthy bowel and where to go for support to ensure your digestive well-being.

Helpful Resources

From The Continence Foundation of Australia

Healthy brain, healthy body
Learn about positive ageing and satisfaction with life at any age by understanding what makes us feel good.

Healthy Brain, Healthy Body is Bolton Clarke’s FREE community information session about positive ageing.

Did you know that longevity is 30% due to genetics and 70% due to your environment? Happy people live longer, have stronger immune systems and have improved coping skills.

This one-hour information session will introduce you to the six factors of positive ageing so you can learn how to experience happiness and satisfaction at any age.

Helpful resources

Six Steps to Healty Ageing fact sheet

Be Active downloadable weekly planner

Victoria Health Well for Life information

Intergenerational Connection white paper

Healthy Ageing Quiz

This session is proudly supported by Tena and Hearing Australia 


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Hearing Australia logo.png

Healthy eating and nutrition
Learn about basic nutrition principles and how to energise your day through healthy eating.

“Who could live without flavour? Flavour is pleasure as well as health. It’s so vital to life” – Maggie Beer.

Our FREE Healthy Eating & Nutrition community information session will teach you about healthy eating habits, basic nutrition principles and how you can get the most out of your meals every day.

Helpful resources

Recipes from the video - Downloadable PDF

What are carbohydrates and glycaemic index?

How much fibre do I need?

How to understand food labels

What are the Australian Dietary Guidelines?

What is the recommended number of serves for adults?

What is a serve of vegetables?

Links to recipes:

Maggie Beer Foundation - Recipes

Eat for Health - Healthy Recipes

Better Health - Nutrition needs when you're over 65

Eat for Health - Healty eating when you're older

This session is proudly supported by the Maggie Beer Foundation and Hearing Australia


Hearing Australia logo.png

Healthy feet
Discover how to care for your feet and get some helpful tips on selecting footwear.

We ask a lot from our feet. They carry us millions of kilometres through our life and can suffer the effects of wear and tear. But there are simple ways to keep your feet healthy. Learn how to care for your feet because there’s a lot more to it than just trimming your toenails.

Helpful resources

Healthy feet fact sheet

Looking after ageing feet

Footwear health check

Foot Forward for Diabetes - Resources

Foot Health Australia Fact Sheets

Healthy skin
Your skin changes as you age and is less able to protect itself. Learn how to improve and maintain skin health.

Did you know that the average person’s skin weighs 4kg, has a surface area of 1.75m and accounts for seven per cent of their body weight?

Skin changes as we age and is less able to protect and heal itself. What we eat and drink is of great importance to help nourish and improve skin health.

Bolton Clarke’s FREE Healthy Skin community information session will help you understand skin health and common skin injuries.

This session will also teach you techniques to help improve and maintain your skin health.

Helpful resources

Skin cuts, tears and grazes fact sheet

Healthy skin fact sheet

Independence Australia Skin Care tips

Wound Aware information skin changes as we age


This session is proudly supported by

Independence Australia 


Managing sleep and fatigue
Find out about the signs and causes of fatigue, the stages of sleep and learn some tips to get a better night’s sleep.

Sleep is as vital for life as food or water, and not getting enough can severely affect day-to-day function and lead to fatigue.

Bolton Clarke’s FREE Managing Sleep and Fatigue community information covers the signs and causes of fatigue as well as the stages of sleep and sleep architecture, which changes as we age.  It will also provide you with tips to getting a better night’s sleep.

Helpful resources

What is fatigue?

Sleep Health Foundation information on sleep disorders

Sleep explained

Tips for a better sleep Downloadable PDF

Practical guide to a good night's sleep in multiple languages


Master your mind
Learn how to recognise the signs of stress and a technique called mindfulness that can help you to better respond to unhealthy stress.

Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations and demands. We all encounter stress and anxiety from time to time. Stress isn’t always bad. In fact, in small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best. Stress is a normal physical response to events that make you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way.

Bolton Clarke’s FREE Master Your Mind community information session is designed to introduce you to techniques to recognise, manage and help prevent unhealthy levels of stress.

Take a deep breath, mindfulness starts now.

Helpful Resources

What is stress? fact sheet

Better Health Victoria information about managing and treating anxiety

Mindfulness exercises fact sheet

Smiling Mind app

Beyond Blue

NSW Health translated information on stress management

This session is proudly supported by Hearing Australia 


Understanding dementia
Find out what dementia is, its signs and symptoms, as well as how to reduce the risks and where to go for support.

Almost 1 in 12 people over 65 have dementia in Australia and as we age this number increases substantially. It’s important to remember dementia is not a normal part of ageing, and lifestyle changes like physical activity, mental stimulation, a healthy diet and good social connections can all help reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Bolton Clarke’s FREE Understanding Dementia session explains what dementia is, it’s causes, signs and symptoms as well as how to reduce the risks.

Helpful resources

Information on Dementia in English Talking Book

Information on Dementia in Vietnamese Talking Book

Dementia Australia help sheets in multiple languages

Dementia enabling environments

This session is proudly supported by Hearing Australia.

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