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The Veteran Family Mental Wellbeing Series

This series of videos aims to inform and educate current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their families and friends about mental health. Covering post-traumatic mental health, avenues to treatment, and how to best support yourself and your loved one, they include input from veterans, families, and experts in the field.

14 March 2019
Introducing the Veteran Family Mental Wellbeing Series
Bolton Clarke Chairman, Pat McIntosh AM CSC, explains the origins and purpose of the Veteran Family Mental Wellbeing Series. He explains there are pathways to treatment for veterans, first responders and families living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
14 March 2019
Episode 1: The Veteran Perspective
What is it like to be a Veteran who has experienced mental health issues? This video explores the personal stories of Veterans Phil Thompson, Andy Cullen, Gary Stone and Michael Stone, encompassing their experiences of deployment, returning to the civilian world and living with PTSD.
14 March 2019
Episode 2: What is Mental Health?
Ex-service people and their families can face a range of mental health challenges, but good mental health is about more than just the absence of mental illness. This video features interviews with experts in the field of Veteran mental health, including Dr Andrew Khoo and Professor David Forbes.
14 March 2019
Episode 3: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
We treat physical injury, so why not psychological injury? This video demonstrates that the brain undergoes significant changes with PTSD so it is a very real and very treatable condition. Professor Jim Lagopoulos reveals that although we still have much to learn about PTSD, it is as real as any physical injury.
14 March 2019
Episode 4: The Family Perspective
What’s it like to be a family member of a Veteran who is experiencing mental health issues? What are some of the things to look out for and what can you do to help? Family members of Veterans share their emotional stories about facing PTSD, highlighting the importance of seeking support.
14 March 2019
Episode 5: Getting Help & PTSD Treatments
We seek help to negotiate new things, things we aren’t trained for, things we can’t fix on our own, so why not seek help for PTSD? The key messages in this video are about hope, getting help and having a good life beyond PTSD. The Veterans and medical professionals featured in this video aim to reduce the fear and stigma around seeking treatment for PTSD.