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Life Stories Project

Stories capture moments in people’s lives that can be shared and remembered forever.

The Life Stories Project uses a biographical storytelling approach to collecting stories from a person’s life. It involves capturing stories and collecting photos and memorabilia to create an e-book that is printed and beautifully bound.

Biographical storytelling is an activity in which older people are supported by staff, volunteers and family members to gather and review their life events and build a collection of stories from a person’s life. Life story work goes beyond the names and dates on a genealogy chart, it aims to present the stories behind the facts and bring a person’s past to life.

The project is designed around reminiscence and can help our residents and clients enhance their sense of identity and self-esteem by reliving and retelling meaningful events from their lives.

The project also encourages better communication between residents, family members and staff, and help to develop closer relationships. Sharing stories in this way will also help staff to develop a better understanding of the person’s needs and wishes to provide authentic person-centred care.

Each project involves a series of interview sessions with an older person and their nominated family members for approximately one hour per week over 5 weeks. Residents, clients and family members are invited to provide copies of photos, letters and other memorabilia. The e-books are created with an easy-to-use photobook software package.

Training and for staff members and volunteers is provided, along with on-going support throughout the project.

The project is currently being conducted at Galleon Gardens RAC, Fairview RAC and Southport AHS.