Getting Started with Residential Aged Care Services

Getting Started with Residential Aged Care Services

Whether you’re a quiet thinker, social and outgoing or have a cheeky sense of humour, your characteristics have made you who you are. And from being a footy fan, great cook, musician or gardener, your passions are what drive you.

Respecting your unique story is a hallmark of Bolton Clarke Residential Aged Care. If you’re a resident, you and your family can count on being supported by a genuinely caring community, with services and activities centred around your needs, interests and choices.

Applying for residential aged care services

1. Understand the costs involved

Although the Australian Government pays a large part of the costs associated with residential aged care services, you might be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care if you can afford it. It’s important to understand up-front what you might need to cover financially in terms of your accommodation, care and daily living.

These fees include:

The accommodation payment

This covers the cost of your residential accommodation and is based on the type of room you choose. Bolton Clarke’s prices are published on each of our Residential Aged Care Community Pages.

The basic daily care fee

This payment is for your living costs such as meals, laundry and utilities. The fee is set at 85% of the single pension rate of the basic age care pension.

A means tested care fee

If the government’s Department of Human Services and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) assess you as being able to afford to contribute towards the cost of your care, you’ll be asked to pay this fee. To determine the costs you’ll be required to complete a Combined Income and Asset Assessment. The Combined Income and Asset Assessment will need to be lodged before or on entry to Residential Aged Care, and it will determine the amount you’ll need to contribute towards your residential aged care costs.

Extra or optional service fees

These fees cover any extra services you might choose, such as accommodation or service upgrades.

2. Check if you’re eligible for residential aged care funding from the Australian Government

It’s worth finding out if you’re eligible for any government subsidies. To do so, organise an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment by visiting My Aged Care online or calling 1800 200 422. The ACAT offers an independent and completely free service, usually carried out by a health care professional.

3. Contact your GP for a referral

If you’d like to access our residential aged care services, you’ll need to talk to your GP or health practitioner about your changing needs and ask them to make a referral.

Your GP can then submit their referral online to My Aged Care, the Australian Government’s site to help people access aged care services.

How can we help you?

Bolton Clarke is here to help you with your retirement, aged and independent living needs. For more information on our services call us or send us an enquiry online.

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