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Library of Aged Care Things

Library of Aged Care Things Changing Lives

The Library of Aged Care Things is part of Bolton Clarke’s One Good Street social networking initiative and is the first free library of its kind, focused solely on aged care equipment. The Library is an online platform that shares cleaned and safety-checked aged care equipment with people who need it and is fighting the war on waste and changing the life of Bolton Clarke At Home Support clients at the same time.

The Library of Aged Care Things commits to sharing equipment (walking frames, scooters, occupational therapy equipment) with those who need it - all free of charge. Once the equipment has been cleaned, serviced and tested,  it is matched to an older person who needs it. Volunteers deliver the equipment.

The aim of the Library is to reduce the cost of care for families when supporting their parents to remain at home for as long as possible, reduces landfill and upcycles equipment that older people need.  

The initiative supports older people in the community, carers and family members looking after older parents, particularly those who are financially disadvantaged. Items already donated include electric beds, mobility scooters and walkers as well as food supplements and personal care items. Residential service communities across the country can also donate goods to save them having to use-much needed space in their sites to store unused items.

The One Good Street project aims to build a participation culture in neighbourhoods and provide opportunities for communities to support older people and their carers.