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Cycling Without Age

Researchers: Liz Cyarto, Judy Lowthian, Marissa Dickins, Claudia Meyer, Chezz Thompson

Research partners: Cycling Without Age, Townsville

Study population: Residential aged care

Cycling Without Age (CWA) is a movement that started in Denmark in 2012. Its co-founder, Ole Kassow, wanted to help older Danes with mobility limitations return to cycling. The movement has spread to 38 other countries. There are more than 10,000 trained ‘cycle pilots’ worldwide helping older people to again experience the “feeling of the wind in their hair”.

The Research Institute is evaluating the implementation of Cycling Without Age, Townsville. Through surveys and interviews with passengers, pilots and residential aged care employees, we are investigating the impact on quality of life, health, any behaviours of concern in residents living with dementia, activity levels (pilots) and attitudes towards ageing (pilots). We are also engaging the wider Townsville community to gauge awareness and solicit feedback on the CWA program.