Mental Health Education for Community Nurses

Mental Health Education for Community Nurses

Formal Title: Mental Health Education for Community Nurses
Method: Mixed methods research design
Bolton Clarke: Dr Marissa Dickins, Jessica Occleston, Dr Judy Lowthian, Dr Liz Cyarto, Ms Georgie Johnstone, Ms Barb Williams
Phoenix Australia: Associate Professor Darryl Wade
Funders: Trajan and Bolton Clarke
Duration: November 2016 – ongoing
Status: Systematic Review underway


People who typically access district nursing services have at least one chronic health condition, placing this group at increased risk of experiencing mental health issues. Despite this, district nurses have very little formal support or education requirements to assist them with providing competent mental health care to clients.


  1. To understand the health care demands in clients receiving district nursing services.
  2. To develop and evaluate a mental health training program for community nurses to support district nurses with
    the identification, referral and management of people with mental health issues.


A systematic review will be conducted looking at mental health training for community nurses. Additionally, the clinical dataset of RDNS clients from 2014 will be analysed to create profiles of service users. Following this, we will engage in qualitative interviews with nurses and commence the education development. In collaboration, Bolton Clarke and Phoenix Australia will develop a mental health training program for community nurses which will include a veteran/first responder specific component. This program will consist of a one-day training program with regular follow-up. This education will then be evaluated and rolled out across the rest of the organisation and offered externally, if deemed to be successful.


November 2016 to June 2018

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