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Residential Aged Care Services Costs And Funding


What are Residential Aged Care Services?

At Bolton Clarke Residential Aged Care, we understand that while the years have changed some things about you, you’re still the same person you’ve always been. Respecting your unique story is one of our key hallmarks. If you’re a resident, you and your family can count on being supported by a genuinely caring community, with services and activities centred around your needs, interests and choices.

Bolton Clarke Residential Aged Care communities are staffed around the clock by a combination of dedicated care workers and expert nurses who are on hand to help at any time, including emergency situations. Specialist services like dementia and palliative care support are also available, as well as access to physiotherapists and other allied health professionals.

Plus, we make sure the simple things that make life enjoyable are all taken care of – offering nutritious meals, on-site laundry, plenty of social activities and a nice cup of tea and a chat whenever you’d like one.

Fees and charges

Although the Australian Government subsidises a large proportion of aged care services, you might be asked to contribute towards the cost of your care and accommodation based on your assessed income and assets at the time of entering care.

Whether you’re considering Bolton Clarke’s residential aged care services or those from another provider, it’s important to understand what you might need to cover financially in terms of your accommodation, care and daily living.

These fees include:

The accommodation payment

This covers the cost of your residential accommodation and is based on the type of room you choose. Bolton Clarke’s prices are available by contacting us or visiting your local facility. We also have accommodation for residents who have been assessed by the government as low means, who may have their accommodation fully subsidised or may be asked to contribute towards the cost of their accommodation.

The basic daily care fee

This payment is for your living costs such as meals, laundry and utilities. The fee is set at 85% of the single pension rate of the basic age care pension.

A means tested care fee

If the government assesses you as being able to contribute towards the costs of your care, you’ll be asked to pay this fee. The specific amount will depend on the Department of Human Services’ means test (please see below).

Extra or optional service fees

These fees cover any extra services you might choose, such as accommodation or service upgrades.

Who will decide what you pay?

To assess your financial position, the Department of Human Services (Centrelink/DVA) will carry out a means test, known as a Permanent Residential Aged Care Request For A Combined Assets And Income Assessment. Centrelink will then classify your situation as one of the following:

  • Low Means – Fully Supported
    The government will pay your accommodation and care costs so you’ll only need to pay the basic daily care fee.
  • Low Means – Partly supported
    The government will pay part of your accommodation cost but you’ll need to pay the rest, which will be dependent on your Centrelink /DVA means assessment. You’ll also need to pay the basic daily care fee.
  • Self-supported
    In this instance, the government won’t cover the costs of your room or care, so you’ll need to pay the published price for your room, as well as the basic daily care fee. You may also have to pay a means tested care fee, dependent on your income and assets.

How do you pay for your accommodation?

If the government decides you need to pay for your accommodation, you’ll have up to 28 days from your moving-in date to choose how you’d like to pay. Your payment options will depend on whether your aged care accommodation is self-supported or partly supported.

Eligibility for government-funded services

Contact My Aged Care

To find out if you’re eligible for residential aged care funding from the Australian Government, you’ll need an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. The ACAT is funded by the Australian Government and is not affiliated with any aged care service provider so they provide a completely independent (and free) service.

Contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or via the web site to arrange an assessment.

During the assessment

You’re welcome to have a family member, friend or carer with you during the assessment, which will take place in your home (or in hospital, if that’s where you are). The ACAT assessor will ask about your day-to-day routine, your health, the type of assistance you need, as well as the kind of social activities and hobbies you’d like to continue doing.

If you’d like to nominate Bolton Clarke as your preferred residential aged care provider, it’s a good idea to let your ACAT assessor know that during your assessment.

After the Assessment

Once you’ve been assessed, you’ll receive a letter from My Aged Care confirming whether you’ve been approved to receive Australian Government subsidised aged care services. Please keep this letter and show it to us when you apply for Bolton Clarke residential aged care services.

If you have any questions or concerns about your assessment, you can contact My Aged Care.