Music and sport great loves for centenarian Jean at 102

Music and sport great loves for centenarian Jean at 102

Sport and music have always been a part of life for Bolton Clarke Centenarian Club member Jean, who celebrated her 102nd birthday this week at our Tantula Rise residential aged care community at Alexandra Headland on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Jean was born at Toowoomba on 11 March, 1917 and grew up on her family’s sheep station.

“I came into life early in the morning, at about 5 o’clock,” she says.

“We lived in Surat on the Condamine River in Western Queensland.”

Jean was one of six children – two boys and four girls – in a musical family.

“We had a television and listened to music every night, and had church once a month.”

Jean and one brother played the violin, while her sisters played piano.

“Dad played piano too, and Mum played the piano and the organ.”

Jean went to boarding school at Fairholme, Toowoomba for five years where she played basketball and tennis and also enjoyed dancing.

Later, she took up golf and bowls, which she continued to play well into her 90s as an active member of the Kawana club.

She was also actively involved in the CWA and travelled to meetings across the region.

“I did a lot of knitting and I had a lot of boys I used to write to,” she says.

“I used to write to them and knit jumpers and socks for them.”

She married twice, first raising two sons in Ashgrove in Brisbane before moving to the Sunshine Coast with second husband Phil.

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