Meet Buster the aged care dog

Meet Buster the aged care dog

Meet Buster, the orphaned dog who has changed the lives of hundreds of aged care residents at Bolton Clarke’s Pioneers, Longreach and Milford Grange, Eastern Heights communities.

Buster first adopted Residential Manager Cathy Dancer during her time at our Pioneers, Longreach community.

“I was in Longreach for nearly seven years and Buster just came up to me one night,” Cathy says. “We couldn’t find an owner and in the end it was discovered somebody had left town and left him behind.

“He used to come to Pioneers every day everybody just loved him – he has the perfect temperament, he just sidles up and if people want to pat him he’ll sit with them.”

Dog and owner moved together to Milford Grange in October 2017 and these days, Buster calls the residential aged care community home and has a daily routine that includes visiting residents and greeting guests with his own brand of laid-back charm.

“He does his rounds in the morning and sees everybody and in the afternoons he sleeps in reception and gets pats as people leave,” Cathy says.

For Buster, it’s a dog’s life – and he loves every minute!



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