Inspiring the future of Aged Care professionals

Inspiring the future of Aged Care professionals

Occupational Therapy students from Griffith University Gold Coast campus have been given a unique opportunity to see behind the scenes of a rewarding career in Aged Care, thanks to a partnership with Bolton Clarke.

Now, the organisation is taking the next step, with two students set to complete their clinical placements supporting Gold Coast clients to do things they enjoy that will also promote their wellbeing.

Bolton Clarke’s At Home Support team has been working with Griffith through the ‘Role-Emerging Placements’ model, which students completing an intensive 11-week program shadowing clinicians and building relationships with At Home Support and respite clients.

Bolton Clarke Gold Coast

Perwesh Singh, Anja Piggot, Peta Reed and Heather Williams

Gold Coast At Home Support Manager Anja Piggott said she’s certain the growing program has already made a big difference for local older people.

“It started as a pilot program and now it’s part of the Griffith University curriculum,” Anja said.

“We get students every year and we also have Honours students conducting research with us.

“We are now progressing to take on two students who will complete clinical placements with us, supporting our clients to do activities they enjoy that help them stay active.”

Anja said it was fulfilling to see the students getting an insight into Aged Care and developing a passion for the field, which they may have never before considered.

“It’s wonderful to be part of a program that allows us to draw on the latest occupational therapy skills to support people’s individual interests and needs, and to help the students understand how to use their skills to support health and wellness for our clients,” she said.

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