Innovative approach helps Val step to independence

Innovative approach helps Val step to independence

Keeping up to date with new technology and innovative ways to support independence is a focus for Bolton Clarke’s At Home Support teams.

For Melbourne client Val, the introduction of a vascular compression pump has been life-changing in restoring her mobility and allowing her to stay in the unit she calls home.

Val, 70, had  experienced bilateral leg lymphedema for more than seven years, which caused severe swelling and dramatically reduced her ability to get out and about. Following referral from her General Practitioner to our team, District Nurse Claire Taylor began regular visits for wound care and compression bandaging.

Clinical Nurse Consultant (Wound) Sally Kime worked with Claire and Val and suggested Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) therapy using a vascular compression pump.

“We wanted to go further for Val. She was experiencing regular falls and skin infections. When I saw the pump, I thought, let’s give it a go,” said Sally.

The Bolton Clarke At Home Support team put in extra work to arrange purchase of the pump, and increased visits to Val from twice-weekly to daily. The results were excellent.

“Everything about the pump has been amazing. It’s improved every area of her life,” Claire said.

Val’s leg shape has changed dramatically, with total leg circumference for the whole leg reduced by 60cm on the right leg and 100 cm on the left. The improvements have meant increased activity and socialisation, which has improved Val’s overall health and wellbeing.

“She no longer needs to consider moving out of her second-floor apartment which she’s lived in for over 60 years,” shared Claire, “and she hasn’t had a fall since last year!”

Because of the experience Val has become more engaged with, and taken additional responsibility for, her own care. Together with the team she has now purchased a pump for her long-term use.

“I can’t give Val enough praise for being such a willing participant to try something new,” she said.

“I’m really proud of the results of our team’s work with Val – they’ve given her a new lease on life and helped restore her independence.”

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