Delma is All Pink and Fabulous

Delma is All Pink and Fabulous

Pink and fabulous was the theme of Winders resident Delma Glover’s 100th Birthday Party on Friday 16 June surrounded by bouquets of flowers, balloons and a lilac sponge cake over a metre long.

Delma celebrated reaching a century with all her friends from the Winders retirement community where she has recently moved from the Winders Retirement Village into the Winders Residential Aged Care community.

Residents and staff from around the community came together for the party to help Delma celebrate reaching this incredible milestone.

“I never thought I would turn 100, I’m just so amazed this is happening to me. The highlight for me was getting my letter from the Queen, isn’t that lovely, we have the same hairstyle,” Delma laughed.

Retirement Village Manager, Andrea Wood said Delma had a wicked sense of humour and they were always in fits of laughter when she came by to visit her.

“Delma says her secret to a long life is to laugh a lot, a good sense of humour with a small glass of wine some nights,” Andrea said.

“She always kept very active, her favourite sport was golf and she played it often. Her hobbies include sewing, she sewed all her clothes they wore for many years, including her wedding dress.”

Delma was born in Parramatta Sydney Australia, she lost her father Bertie Ainsworth in a gas explosion when she was five years old. She and her mother then moved to live with her aunties in Illawarra.

She started school at the Bexley Ladies College, till she married and her husband who enlisted in the army. Her husband then went to war however his job was specialised and was not spoken about.

Delma tells of her Grandfather who comes from royalty and lived in a castle, Scottish she believes.

She is incredibly independent and has already made new friends in the Winders Residential Aged Care community.

Find out more about our friendly communities at Winders Retirement Village and Winders Residential Aged Care.

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