Seven decades of unwavering love and hard work

Seven decades of unwavering love and hard work

All it took were eyes locking on an Oakey farm more than 70-years-ago to bring Bolton Clarke Milford Grange retirement living residents James and Lillian Lane together for the long haul.

Now, seven children and more than 90 years of life experience later, the pair say they wouldn’t change a thing.

“Jim was working on my uncles farm,” Lil said.  “We bumped into each other from time to time.”

And that was it – by Lil’s 21st birthday the pair were engaged, to be married in that same year.

On their 70th wedding anniversary this month, the teenage sweethearts continued to celebrate the full life they have lived ever since.

Jim, 96, a hard worker by nature, was a reserve in the Royal Australian Airforce from age 18, where he continued to work as a wireless operator before becoming a builder and pig farmer later in life.

Lil, 91, raised their children, including two who became teachers, three who became nurses and twin boys who followed in their dad’s footsteps to become tradesmen.

Geographically, life took them all over Queensland – from Toowoomba to their current home at Milford Grange in Ipswich.

They moved into their current home in the Milford Grange retirement community just short of a decade ago and were among the first seven owners to take residence.

The pair have always remained active, playing cards, attending church and in Jim’s case, continuing to build homes at age 80.

When asked about the secret to their long marriage they couldn’t agree on an answer but did agree that Jim certainly hadn’t lost his sense of humour.

“Saying yes – I think,” he said.

The pair celebrated their benchmark achievement with a conjoint celebration on Easter Sunday with family and close friends.

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