Celebrating our volunteers

Celebrating our volunteers

Meet great friends and volunteers at Bolton Clarke’s Milford Grange, Ipswich community, George and Dot, both 89.

George, who spent much of his working life felling trees and turning them into everything from fence posts to telegraph poles, continues to work with timber to craft pieces including children’s rocking horses and toys.

A longtime rugby league player and coach, he has volunteered for various organisations for 25 years, including the past 10 with Bolton Clarke.

“I get to associate with people my own age or sometimes younger than me, and it gives me some time away from what I would normally be doing at home,” he says.

“It gives me an opportunity to help people get outside and do something different.”

Dot, who has been volunteering at Milford Grange for the past six years, also has a long history of volunteering work.

“I’ve been doing volunteering work for the past 50 years,” she says.

“It was always work I enjoyed doing and if you enjoy doing your job you’re never going to do a day’s work in your life.

“I feel it’s a blessing I am able to volunteer for Bolton Clarke and I can still be of use somewhere.

” I work with a group of people who can’t see very well but their brains are marvellous and we do trivia and crosswords together.”

Today (5 December) is International Volunteer Day. More than 5.8 million Australians volunteer through formal programs, while millions more give their time informally.

Find out more about volunteering at Bolton Clarke here.

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